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  • Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga

  • Intensive Fitness Courses For Quick Results

  • Programmes For When You Are Exercising Without Your Trainer.

Personal Fitness Training

One to one guidance will get you where you want to be, as quickly and efficiently as possible. So many people spend way too long in the gym, working very hard and not getting results. It’s not about working harder all of the time, it’s about working smarter. Read more

Boxing Fitness

Learn the basics of boxing and get in shape fast. Ever wanted the lean body of a fighter but without the fighting? 45mins of boxing pad work can burn more calories than a spin cycle class and also gives you some self-defense moves. This is a very popular course for both men and women, as it works well to tone arms, legs, abs and shoulders. Read more

Fat Burn Course

We will use a combination of methods, which may include Muay Thai, TRX suspension training and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to burn fat and speed up your metabolism. We will also focus on your diet and use a food diary, as you cannot out-train a bad diet! For great results you must eat well to match your efforts. Read more


So you join a gym to start a healthier lifestyle but you have no idea how to use the equipment. Or maybe you are just using treadmills and bikes for long, boring periods of time and would love to make your workouts more interesting and get results faster. Read more

Life Change Course

Have you spent years trying to lose fat, that just wont go? Did you used to be fit when you were younger but now find yourself out of breath much faster than you used to? Maybe you keep seeing your weight increase, month after month but don’t understand why? Do you always feel tired but don’t actually do much activity? Well now is the time to do something about it! Turn your life around and do something to improve your body, your health and your self-esteem. Read more